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Joyce Kelly is a PhD traditional naturopath and herbalist. She purchased this 105 acre Vermont farm in 1999 to grow herbs and perennial plants. In old French Canadian dialect, "Montaire" means mountain air and "Aralie", life of man. Located in the fertile Champlain Valley. soil is unpolluted, air is clean, water is spring fed and herbs grown here are from Non-GMO seeds. We never test on animals.

Dr. Kelly is a hands-on type person doing lots of the work herself.  She formulates and prepares the herbal remedies ensuring no negative energy is transferred to the healing properties of the herbs.

We love living amongst nature. Aralie Naturals,LLC is a small company with limited production capabilities. That's by choice!

Our proprietary formulations have proven themselves to be highly effective.  They are handcrafted without the use of machinery.  Herbs have a healing vibration which can be destroyed by interference from electrical equipment.

Growing herbs and other plants along with restoring the ten-room circa 1830 farmhouse keeps us busy.

Growing quality herbs on this Vermont farm is essential to produce an effective herbal nature medicine supplement.  We use fresh herbs from our garden--picked at their full medicinal potential and promptly begin the traditional extraction process.  Pure grain alcohol is the best menstrum to ensure a full-strength herbal preparation.  Extraction takes a 28 day lunar cycle to complete.  Be assured we never destroy any healing properties by heating the solution but allow the sun's rays to gently rupture the plant fibers releasing complicated natural healing chemicals.  This alternative medicine process cannot be rushed to turn a quick profit.  We respect nature and understand the traditional methods our ancestors and Native Americans used to maintain health, longevity and energy.  Only glass is used in all phases of preparation.  Bottling is in cobalt blue glass because blue is the healing color emitting light frequencies to enhance the contents further.

Farming practices are sustainable/organic.  (Organic certification is too costly.)  No chemicals have been added to our soils for over 25 years.

We never test on animals.


Welcome to Aralie Naturals, LLC & Montaire. We hope you enjoy our site.

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